Home Moving Service

When it comes to moving house in Nairobi, nothing could be more important than choosing the right movers to assist you.It’s even more important to find the house movers you can trust. You need someone who’ll take care of your possessions as well as you would. But most of all, you want someone who’ll take the hassle out of moving for you, so you can get on with your new life.

Our team is personable, approachable and has the skills needed to make any moving successful. We know how to pack and move your goods so that you don’t have to live with scratches and dents. They do all they can to ensure you don’t have to live with scratches and dents for years to come.

We’ll professionally pack your possessions with the peace of mind of our No Damage Guarantee.

If anything is damaged or broken while we transporting your goods (and with our high level of training and care, that’s a big IF!) we will pay for the repair–replacement!

Home Moving Service Description: